Unleash the power of team

Take The Power of Team Challenge.

Take the on-line 60-day challenge to unleash the power of your team.

Build your capability to lead a collaborative high performing team through our on-line 60-day guided challenge. Based on our highly acclaimed book The Power of Team we provide you with video guided tutorials, workbooks, step-by-step facilitation guides, on-line support and optional Team mentoring to help you each step of the way.

Why undertake the Power of Team Challenge?

  • Stressed out trying to do it all yourself, and desire your team to step up and be more accountable
  • Bored with the status quo and want to inspire energy, engagement, and commitment from your team
  • Fed up with siloed, inefficient and reactive teams and keen for more collaborative productivity
  • Inspired to move from peer-based, transactional or tactical leadership to strategic team leadership
  • Motivated to learn new a new skill that will enhance your career growth
  • Passionate about your team and its potential to move from good to great

 This programme is unique because it is designed for every experience level of leadership and also every stage of team development – it meets you where you and your team are at, and you decide what you need to take your next step to high performance. Rather than a paint by numbers approach you learn to diagnose your team’s current stage, assess what’s required next and then select from tailored options the best course of action.

Why this programme works.

We have designed a programme dedicated to solving business performance problems through the power of team. Everything we teach in the 60 days comes from years of practical experience. We love the theory and research behind leadership, performance and team development, because it gives us a solid foundation. But it’s our job to take that theory and translate it into practical, effective, powerful learnings for you and your team.