Unleash the power of team

Become an Accredited Team Mentor.

Join our Accredited Team of Mentors.

Mentoring a group of leaders through a 60 day challenge is an exciting and rewarding process. Learn how to do this as an expert, learning from the creators and founders of the programme. You can use these skills to either contract directly to TPT, lead your own in-house mentoring group or just gain a new skill for your tool-kit.

How the accredited TPT mentoring programme works:

  • Four guided video tutorials with workbooks
  • Participation in a TPT global mentoring group to learn from the experts
  • Co-leading a Team Mentoring group with a TPT expert
  • Certification upon completion

Why teams make the difference

Not all high-performing teams are collaborative, and not all collaborative teams are high-performing. The power of team comes from combining both factors, and they build on each other.