Unleash the power of team

Event Speaking
and Facilitation.

Inspire and Engage Collaboration

We love to inspire teams at conferences and special company events. Our tailored material ensures we resonate with a wide audience at the same time as keeping them engaged with regular reflection and interaction that builds collaboration and insight. We also offer conference facilitation that allows cross-functional teams to explore, create and build on specific elements that are important to your business.

Topics we speak on.


The 5 Secrets of Building a Great Team

This topic challenges people to think differently about team leadership. It creates a strong understanding of what it means to build engagement and become employee centred.


The dynamics of collaborative high performance teams

Understand the forces at play when developing a high performance team, assess where your team is at and how your leadership style might be sustaining this.


Breaking Down Business Silos

This topic challenges people to consider why silo’s occur, how they maintain the status quo and how to break them down. It provides inspiration to take responsibility and do something different.


What it really takes to be a team

Take a humorous and insightful look at how men and women view being part of a team. This topic also looks at the history of teams and what the future is.