Unleash the power of team

Get a Team Mentor.

Learning a new skill can be a challenge and we can support you through our Team Mentoring Service.

The Team mentoring service is designed to give leaders progressing through the 60-day programme access to our accredited Team mentors. Delivered on-line to our global client base these sessions are delivered in groups of six where leaders from any stage in the 60 days can share a challenge, learn from the other leaders and be guided by experienced team mentors. Here's just a short list of the reasons why you might engage with a Team Mentor:

  • Share and get resolutions for you unique team challenges
  • Learn from others what's working in their industries
  • Gain invaluable wisdom from other leaders 
  • Get expert advice from an accredited coach 

Why team's make the difference.

The team’s increased performance capacity gives the leader greater perspective and more freedom, so they can do their job better for the team – for example, operating more strategically and building crossfunctional relationships with other teams. This also works in reverse so that when a business owner increases the performance of their team, employees give them back greater commitment, innovation and, ultimately, profit.