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A practical guide to breakthrough team performance.

This book is your step by step guide to transforming a good team into a great team, or engineering a business turnaround by engaging the potential of your people, and systematically executing on your business goals and strategies. Over 150 pages of practical tool-kits and resources you can use with your team today to unleash the power of your team.

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What people say about the book.

This is such a great read. Each chapter works through important leadership principles, supported with an actual example experience as background. The example is then discussed simply and clearly with a toolkit which is a team or personal activity. I have a team meeting next week and I am so excited to use these activities to help understand my team's belief in where we are right now and how we can move forward to be highly effective. I am a keen reader of leadership books but this book brings together principles, examples and activities to really help you build a great environment for your team to work in, commit to and enjoy being part of. Really recommend it.

Wendy Pugh

Wondering how great teams are created? Frustrated by a poor performing team? Well, here is the answer! This book is all you need, a really practical toolkit packed with easy to follow processes ensuring your team achieves greatness!

Helen Roach Director of Talent | 2degrees Mobile