Unleash the power of team


Our on-line resource centre is packed full of tool-kits and facilitation guides to help you unleash the power of your team.

We are committed to providing you with tools and resources you can use to support your team's success. Many of the free templates and facilitation guides support the content in our book The Power of Team.

Design Thinking - Aware

ExperienceInnovation™ | Aware introduces your people to essential design thinking techniques, mindsets and behaviors in a hands-on format. This 90 minute workshop highlights how to bring creative habits like deep user empathy, radical collaboration and rapid experimentation to one’s work every day.

Design Thinking - Learn

ExperienceInnovation™ | Learn teaches people how to Identify challenges that are human centered, observe users to build empathy, form unique user insights based on observations and create learning-oriented experiments. As a result, your people will develop an awareness of and support for design thinking as an approach to problem-solving. Our workshop will also provide the opportunity to practice the skills to tackle a design thinking project from start to finish and encourage individual commitment to personally practice design thinking techniques.

EQ-i Sample Leadership Report

The EQ-i is the world's only scientifically validated Emotional Intelligence Assessment and development tool. At TPT we are accredited in the use of this tool. It can be used for leaders, team members in either a self report, leadership report or 360 report.