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​Top three essentials for collaborative high-performing teams.

​Top three essentials for collaborative high-performing teams.

In today’s business world of hyper-activity which continually demands an ‘always on’ and ‘always striving for excellence’ mentality, leaders now need to be equipped with the skills and capabilities to lead collaborative, high performing teams in order to deliver on their business objectives. It’s not an easy feat and requires a significant amount of time and effort.

What may surprise you is not all high-performing teams are collaborative, and not all collaborative teams are high-performing. So how do you create the power of team so it is both collaborative and high performing? Put simply – the magic happens when you combine three essential ingredients – Context, Connection and Clarity together which allows anything to be made possible.

  1. Context: Collaborative high-performance teams must understand the broader context in which they operate and align with that broader context or disrupt it if that’s their intention. They do this by looking beyond their team to engage and understand their key stakeholders. They regularly assess these stakeholder relationships and concerns and adapt their performance accordingly

2. Clarity: Developed in conjunction with key stakeholder input, a collaborative high-performance team has a clear strategic framework. This framework provides a detailed picture from the highest level of purpose and visioning and aligns this with the connection elements of brand and culture.                                                                                                                                                        

3. Connection: A collaborative high-performance team has the ability to build and maintain cohesion and resolve conflict within the team and between the team and key stakeholders, partners and customers. It is the Emotional Intelligence (EQ) of the leader and team members that has the most significant impact on how well the team connects. Assessing and developing EQ is a fundamental skill for collaborative, high-performance teams.

If you are passionate about improving your team’s ability to operate as a collaborative high-performance team here’s some ideas and resources to help you get started.

  1. Understand how your team rates against the three factors – Context, Connection and Clarity - by completing a free Team Assessment Survey        
  2. Run a stakeholder mapping session with your team – for detailed facilitation guides. Click here
  3. Create a strategic framework. Download a free chapter “Clarity” from our book to show you how.             
  4. For more inspiration and learning about team leadership - attend an event

Sarah Friis is an author, facilitator and mentor of high performance teams. She has recently co-authored The Power of Team - A practical guide to breakthrough performance. Sarah has a Masters in Psychology and is co-founder of The Performance Team, a leading New Zealand consultancy dedicated to unleashing the power of team.